Our interpreters and staff do their utmost to ensure that you can rely on us for your interpretation needs. You will find answers here to frequently asked questions related to interpretation, but please feel free to contact us if you have other questions or require more details.

What characterizes Arc Communications as an interpretation agency?

Arc Communications is an interpretation agency with a wealth of global business experience. The president of Arc Communications is the graduate of an American business school, and as such the company has strengths in business interpretation. The president also has former experience, along with many others at the company, as a system engineer. We have a long list of interpreters with rich experience in IT-related business talks, and Arc Communications' interpreters are highly recognized by IT firms. Give us a call if you need interpreters for business talks in Japan!

Do you offer interpretation in languages other than English and Japanese?

With English-Japanese interpretation at the core, Arc Communications also handles interpretation in Chinese, Korean, French, Italian, German and Spanish. Please inquire about other languages.

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Do you handle interpretation outside of Japan?

We make arrangements for interpreters in the US, Australia, Germany, France, China and Korea. Please inquire about other countries as it may be possible to provide interpretation services.

What is the difference between simultaneous and consecutive interpretation?

Simultaneous interpretation takes place as the speaker is talking and allows the speaker to talk without having to think of the interpreter. Advanced skills and high levels of concentration are required of such interpreters. Meanwhile, in consecutive interpretation, the speaker pauses after he/she completes expressing a thought. The interpreter then translates what has just been spoken. Consecutive interpretation requires twice as much time as simultaneous interpretation. However, it is effective when more detailed and accurate interpretations are required.

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Why do interpreters require reference materials in advance?

Interpreters have more than the required skills when it comes to languages, but they do not have as much knowledge of the subject at hand as the speaker and other participants. Studying materials in advance will help the interpreter understand the background and objective of the business, enabling the exhibition of his/her utmost abilities when interpreting. We ask for your cooperation in providing materials to help our interpreters prepare. They say that 70% of an interpreter’s work is in preparation for a job, and advance preparation will hold the key to your success.

Why do we need to use more than one interpreter?

There is a limit to the amount of time an interpreter can maintain a certain level of performance. The number of interpreters required at Arc Communications is as follows.

  • Simultaneous interpretation: 2 interpreters will be required if the actual work is less than 3 hours; 3 interpreters or more will be required if the actual work exceeds 3 hours.
  • Consecutive interpretation: 1 interpreter will be required for a “half day” or less; 2 or more interpreters will be required for an “all day” interpretation.
  • Whispered interpretation: 1 interpreter will be required if the actual work is less than 2 hours; 2 or more interpreters will be required if the actual work exceeds two hours.

Details will be provided in the quotation according to the content of your interpretation request.

How much in advance should we reserve an interpreter?

The schedules of popular interpreters in high demand tend to fill quickly. Furthermore, there are times when few interpreters are skilled in a highly specialized area. We recommend that you send us an inquiry as soon as your travel plans to Japan have been set.

I need an interpreter for a meeting tomorrow. Can you assign us an interpreter at such short notice?

We try our best to respond to urgent requests. Please call us by telephone if you have an urgent request.

When do cancellation fees begin to arise?

Cancellation fees arise from 7 business days before the day of the interpretation.

Can I change the schedule after an order has been finalized?

Yes, but as in the case of cancellations, fees will arise from 7 business days before the scheduled day of interpretation. Furthermore, it may not be possible to assign an interpreter depending on the new schedule.

What are the payment conditions?

We will send you an invoice after the interpretation has been completed. We ask that you remit payment to the bank account listed in the invoice. We ask first-time customers to provide payment in advance.

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