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Why Clients Choose Arc Communications’ Interpreters

Strengths in Global Business

Japan has a way of doing business that differs from the US and Europe. Arc Communications' interpreters are professionals well versed in the manners and customs of both Japan and the west, providing you with sturdy backup for your business in Japan.

The president of Arc Communications is a graduate of an American business school who has been stationed in Germany and China. This ensures the careful selection of interpreters with rich experience in global business settings. They are also known for their strengths in the use of business English, and Arc has many highly experienced interpreters with strong business backgrounds, particularly in the IT industry.

Hospitable Services

Arc Communications offers hospitable services that enable clients to feel relaxed as they carry out their work in a highly demanding business environment. Our strength is that our interpreters do not mechanically translate words into another language but rather interpret with an understanding of business and cultural backgrounds.

You can also call on us to handle various matters that are incidental to the interpretation. Think of us as your assistant away from home, who will help you carry out your business while in Japan.

Interpretation-related Services

  • Making arrangements for equipment required for simultaneous or whispered interpretation
  • Translation, photocopying, etc. of presentation materials and handouts
  • Preparation of minutes from the meeting in which the interpretation was carried out
  • Hiring limousines for attendant interpretation

Japan-wide Network

Although bringing an interpreter along with you from your home country is one option, this involves many costly expenses, such as overseas travel, and requires that you book interpretation services for many days. On the other hand, hiring interpreters in Japan will involve significantly lower costs.

Arc Communications can arrange globally-minded interpreters who have a keen understanding of the way business is executed in Japan. They are, of course, familiar with the area, which makes for smooth traveling to your business destination through Japan’s complex transportation network.

Arc Communications can support all your interpretation needs, anywhere in Japan.

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