From Ordering to Payment

STEP 1: Please notify us of your requirements

If you could provide us with the following information a more accurate work estimate can be better tailored to your requirements.

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Content to be interpreted
  • Type of interpretation (simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, whispered interpretation, etc.)
  • Language
  • Number of participants
  • Currency to be used in estimate
  • Budget

STEP 2: Work estimate

We work out a detailed work estimate based on a provisional assessment of work to be performed and budget.
When time is limited, we will also assign interpreters at the same time as an estimate is being prepared.

STEP 3: Assigning interpreters/equipment preparations

After an order has been placed, we will assign interpreters that are ideally suited to our clients’ needs.
We will confirm the meeting time and place beforehand with the client, and whether there is a need for a preliminary briefing between interpreters and the client.
We will also prepare equipment at the same time .

STEP 4: Preparation

Please prepare and make available presentation materials and drafts, a list of participants, etc. as required.
We brief interpreters based on information provided to us by the client. It is often said that 70% of an interpreter’s job is preparation, and that this stage often holds the key to success. We ask for your cooperation in this matter so that interpreters can work to the best of their abilities.
Please be aware that where additional equipment is required a technical engineer may need to confirm venue facilities in advance. Please ensure that this option is available if need be.

STEP 5: Interpretation

The interpreter will arrive at the venue at the specified time. Where additional equipment is to be provided, a technical engineer and a project coordinator may accompany the interpreter to the venue.
We will re-confirm the time and amount of equipment required should any adjustments need to be made.

STEP 6: Feedback

We look forward to receiving any feedback you may have concerning our interpreting service. We will analyze points evaluated, and areas needing improvement, and relay this feedback to the interpreter. This step is a key factor in our ability to maintain the highest level of interpreting service in the industry and we will strive to continually improve this service.

STEP 7: Payment

After interpreting work is concluded we will issue you with a payment request. Please make the payment to the bank account listed in the payment request.
We request that first-time clients pay in advance.

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